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          Shidao Weihai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shidao heavy industries), located in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, Shidao City, Weihai International Industrial Park,, 500. In a beautiful environment, pleasant climate, in international sea beach of Shidao Bay National AAAA level scenic spots, has 10000 meters akayama beach. Convenient transportation, and the national level a class of open port - Shidao port (300 thousand tons of international terminal) is closely linked to the West and the Qing Wei, Weihai airport connection, North and Weihai port connection, has a unique water, land, air transport advantages.

          Shidao heavy industries, supporting facilities perfect. Taishan group investment and construction, the total investment of 1 billion yuan, the registered capital of rmb. Covers an area of 320 thousand square meters, construction area of 100 thousand square meters. The production workshop area of 70 thousand square meters, a height of 38 meters, heavy volume workshop area of 50 thousand square meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 640 tons; light volume workshop 10 thousand square meters; 6700 square meters workshop and 3300 square meter workshop materials. 

          Shidao heavy industry is the production of nuclear power facilities and large pressure vessel based heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises, products cover coal chemical, petrochemical, fine chemical, nuclear power, metallurgy, medicine, offshore oil equipment and new energy equipment.

          The company has A2, A3, A1 grade pressure vessel design and manufacturing license and a class boiler parts (boiler tube, collecting box) manufacturing license and GC2 pressure pipe installation license.

          The company has also established a complete set of GB/T19001, GB/T24001, GB/T28001, QEO three in one management system of quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system and ASME grade U and U2 certification.

          The company has received: Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec materials suppliers permit qualified suppliers, encoding Chinese HQCEC qualified supplier registration certificate, the Daqing Oil Field Co supplier access card, Sedin Engineering Limited qualified supplier network certificate and Beijing Huafu Engineering Company Limited member material resource market certificate, safety production standard two enterprise qualification.

          Company in Shanghai and Nanjing set up a technology research and development center in Xi'an, Qingdao, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Shenyang, Qinghai set up a branch office; Tai'an and Henan set up offices in Tai'an Tai'an Ji'nan investment in Shidao Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.; Ji'nan set up a technology Co., Ltd. in Lanzhou, Shidao heavy waste heat utilization engineering technology center. Company employees more than 800 people, including senior engineer 36 people, 58 engineers, senior technicians 6 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 220 people.

          The company has advanced technology manufacturing equipment:

          Machinery processing equipment are: DVT800 x 40 / 125Q-NC CNC double column vertical lathe, TK6920/H55 CNC Floor Boring and milling machine, DD40B/2 horizontal axis CNC deep hole drilling machine, 5m * 5m Longmen mobile type CNC horizontal drilling, 15m milling machine and 12m plane edge machine and other equipment.

          Molding equipment are: WS11K-280/400 * 4000 type three roller bending machine and 2000 tons of frame type hydraulic machine.

          Welding equipment are: narrow gap submerged arc welding machine, single filament end Issa buried arc welding machine, welding machine, pipe flange plate strip surfacing system, 100 tons of welding positioner and other equipment.

          Heat treatment equipment are: 7.4M x 7.6m x 36m gas heat treatment furnace and 21m x 6.8m x 7m gas heat treatment furnace.

          Detection equipment are: 9Mev linac ray inspection room, Co60 inspection room, direct reading spectrometer and other equipment, technology and equipment comprehensive capacity among the forefront of the domestic industry.

          Shidao Taishan heavy industries adhering to the current, leading the future development ideas, promote the unity, pragmatic, innovative, hard work spirit, and constantly improve product development and technological innovation speed to quality products, satisfactory after-sales service, Shidao heavy industry to play a leading and internationally renowned high-end pressure vessel manufacturing base, service the country, to the world.

          Domestic and foreign people are invited to join the people, scientific research groups, the major institutions to participate in the cooperation and win-win cooperation!

          Tomorrow's Shidao heavy industry will become the most bright blue economic area!

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